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Clean Alternative To Hydraulic Systems

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Clean Alternative To Hydraulic Systems
Clean Alternative To Hydraulic Systems

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The hydraulic Movotec system from Suspa has proven itself for decades to continuously adjust loads. Now there is competition from within the company: The new mechatronic Movotec spindle motor system (SMS) combines the advantages of the already proven technology with those of a conventional electric spindle drive. This enables a large number of applications in which ergonomic aspects are highly important.

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The hydraulic Movotec system from Suspa has proven itself for decades to continuously adjust loads. It is primarily used in industry, be it for workbenches, assembly lines and workstation systems, kitchen components or sales and service facilities for wholesalers and retailers. But these systems also adjust caravan beds vertically and mechanically tilt fish counters for cleaning.

The mode of operation has always been the same: A hydraulic pump, driven by hand or by an electric motor, presses hydraulic oil into connected cylinders, which then move up or down within the desired range.

Hydraulic systems have disadvantages

However, there are disadvantages with this system: The installation of such a pump together with the associated lines takes time and requires space. And if a hose is damaged, this can result in leakage and risk of slipping. In addition, the object to be lifted must have a certain weight (restoring force) so that the hydraulic oil is pressed back into the pump when it is lowered.

With an electric spindle drive, on the other hand, active movement in both directions replaces the one-dimensional effect of the object weight. The new Movotec Spindle Motor System (SMS) requires no hydraulic oil whatsoever, thereby eliminating the space-intensive pump and hoses that were previously required. A central control, whose stand-by power consumption is pleasantly low, drives the lifting elements. Each lifting element enables loads of up to 150 kg in the pushing direction and 75 kg in the pulling direction and qualifies for many applications due to the filigree design (the housing diameter of the lifting elements is only 3.5 cm) and simple assembly.

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