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Tailor-made Drive Technology For Robots

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Tailor-made Drive Technology For Robots
Tailor-made Drive Technology For Robots

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Video: Modular Rotary Table System - Tailor-made 2023, January

At Motek 2016, SPN Schwaben Präzision presents a 3-stage precision bevel gear with media feed-through for a leading provider of robots and automatic application systems.

Development and series production concentrated on the last three axes; In a figurative sense, the “wrist” of the robot. The transmission input is formed by three drive shafts that are connected to the respective drive motor during robot assembly. The first gear stages consist of ground and backlash-free adjustable spur gear stages with high demands on concentricity and uniformity. The kinematics are made up of bevel gears that are partially arranged one behind the other and designed with special axis angles. A minimal twisting play is particularly important: even slight vibrations or synchronism fluctuations lead to irregularities in the application process.

Screw spindle

Screw spindle for lightweight robots from Kuka

The drive with hollow shaft is also tailor-made for the application: In the center of the gearbox there is a channel of 70 cm length for the transport of all media required for the processes. The inner wall surface of the duct is free of shoulders or edges to prevent the cables and hoses from chafing due to friction.

After initial prototypes and tests, a large number of series units have already been delivered to the customer.

Motek 2016: Hall 8, booth 304

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