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Lifting And Rotating Movements Combined In One Machine Element

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Lifting And Rotating Movements Combined In One Machine Element
Lifting And Rotating Movements Combined In One Machine Element

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Lifting and turning are common movements in automation. However, two different machine elements are usually used for each function. With the lift-turn module, Dr. Tretter combines both functions in one unit: a helical groove is ground in on a hollow shaft - as with the ball screw drive - and in addition several longitudinal grooves - as with the torque ball bushing. Two rotatably mounted flange nuts are now arranged on this shaft, each of which is driven separately, usually by a servo motor. This should enable various drive states to be implemented that lead to different shaft states of motion: translatory, rotary and combined.

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In addition, Dr. Tretter also show trade visitors the tried and tested aluminum rail guide. Steel inserts in stainless steel and anodized aluminum ensure corrosion resistance. This guide system in size 25 is now also available with a magnetic position measuring system, which should work contactlessly and therefore wear-free. In contrast to optical position measuring systems, the magnetic solution according to Dr. Pedal insensitive to contamination such as liquids or dust and thus predestined for harsh industrial environments. The sensor has an IP67 degree of protection. The position is recorded directly on the carriage. What is special: The sensor is not integrated in an additional front part, but is completely in the car.This should simplify the design and the easy exchange compared to a solution without a measuring device. Depending on the task and application, Dr. Try three different solutions: battery operated with display unit, externally supplied and highly accurate with display unit and as a highly accurate measuring system for automation tasks.

Linear axes and linear guideways

Dr. Linear axis developed by Tretter will be shown at the booth. In the standard version, it is primarily designed for manual adjustment, but it can also be automated. For example, users should be able to use them for format adjustment, adjustment of stops or for simple length measurement tasks, as they often occur in wood or sheet metal processing. The linear axis is constructed with a commercially available aluminum profile and uses the aluminum rail guide with an integrated measuring system in size 25. The smallest maximum measuring length is 210 mm, the largest is 3810 mm. The displacement unit is adjusted using a handwheel and a toothed belt, but it can also be automated.

Dr. Tretter now also offers new C-types for the linear guideways, which will replace the existing range. Due to the two-point contact under an X arrangement, four rows at 45 °, the installation position of these guides is irrelevant. With this linear guide, machine builders should be able to reduce the number of work steps that they spend on assembling machines and systems. Dr. Tretter further profile rail guides - both in the version with circular arc groove as well as with the Gothic groove. In addition there are ball rollers, tolerance rings, miniature guides, track roller guides with measuring system and ball screws. (sh)

Motek 2016: Hall 6, booth 6314

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