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Vogel Honors Visionaries From Industry And Business With The Leadership Award

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Vogel Honors Visionaries From Industry And Business With The Leadership Award
Vogel Honors Visionaries From Industry And Business With The Leadership Award

Video: Vogel Honors Visionaries From Industry And Business With The Leadership Award

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Video: Preview to conference of business leaders 2023, January

TV presenter Brigitte Pavetic led through the varied program with numerous show acts, a keynote by trend researcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk and the presentation of the "Connected World" leadership awards.

Since its foundation in 1891, Vogel Business Media has been accompanying people in their markets, providing them with the right specialist knowledge for professional decisions and networking them again and again. This creed is still valid today: In times of globalization, extensive digitalization and new technologies, Vogel Business Media took this year's anniversary as an opportunity to make a current assessment of the position of German industry.

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Under the motto "Networked Worlds" ten top trends of the future as well as the leading figures of renowned companies and institutes on these topics were presented and awarded at the gala: The Leadership Award "Connected World" was presented in ten categories to personalities who excellently have set the course for the increasingly networked future. Their entrepreneurship and creativity inspire economy and society, they provide guidance in a world of digital change with their visions.

"On the occasion of our anniversary, we made a location determination for digitization and also ventured a look into the future: The ten development dimensions presented will affect us all in our future corporate responsibility," explains Stefan Rühling, CEO of Vogel Business Media: "At the center of the Gala featured big trends, big ideas and big doers, of whom impressive personalities received a very special award."

Further information on the big anniversary project “Networked Worlds” can be found at www.vernetze-welten2016.de.

An overview of the award winners

  • Connectivity: Dr. Volkmar Denner, CEO of Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Industry 4.0: Dr.-Ing. Gunther Kegel, Chairman of the Board of Pepperl + Fuchs, Chairman of the ZVEI Automation Association
  • Sustainability: Senator Eh Gerhard Sturm, co-founder of the ebm-papst group and honorary advisory board chairman
  • Energy: Dr.-Ing. eh Friedhelm Loh, owner and chairman of the Friedhelm Loh Group
  • Mobility: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gutzmer, Chief Technology Officer and Vice Chairman of Schaeffler AG
  • Big Data: Prof. Dr. hc Hasso Plattner, founder and chairman of the supervisory board SAP SE
  • Communication: Ralph Dommermuth, founder and CEO of United Internet AG
  • Innovation: Dr.-Ing. anyway Manfred Wittenstein, CEO of Wittenstein AG
  • Knowledge: Dr. hc Kurt Stoll, Managing Partner Festo Holding GmbH
  • Globalization: German SMEs, represented by the industrial associations ZVEI with President Michael Ziesemer and VDMA with Dr. Ralph Wiechers, member of the executive board

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