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Siemens Supplies Components For Liquid Gas Systems

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Siemens Supplies Components For Liquid Gas Systems
Siemens Supplies Components For Liquid Gas Systems

Siemens is supplying components to two projects in the liquefied gas sector: First, a liquefied natural gas plant ("LNG plant"), or LNG plant, in Sengkong, Indonesia, which is operated by Energy World Corporation Ltd. it is also planned for an LNG terminal operated by OLT Offshore LNG Toscana SpA in Italy.

Siemens is supplying four compressor trains with electric drives for the liquefaction of 0.5 million tons each year for the planned plant in Indonesia. There are also solutions for electrification, energy and process automation. The small LNG plant should be operated efficiently and economically. "When everything was calculated, the actual efficiency of the plant with the Siemens LNG solution was somewhere around 46% to 50%, compared to 30% or 32% for some of the others," said Stewart Elliott, CEO of EWC. Monitoring and maintenance in the power plant should also make the automation solution easier.

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Siemens supplied a boil-off gas compressor for the company OLT Offshore LNG Toscana SpA. The company develops and operates the “FSRU Toscana” as an LNG import terminal for the regasification of liquid gas. The “FSRU Toscana” delivers natural gas to the Italian network a good 300 meters long and almost 50 meters wide, thus balancing out peak demand. The terminal is moored around 20 kilometers off the coast of Livorno, Italy and connected to the mainland by a pipeline.

Giovanni Giorgi, Operation & Maintenance Manager FSRU Toscana, explains: “The boil-off gas compressor is a central component of our system, which enables an offshore terminal to be operated with the performance of a traditional onshore terminal during delivery.” (kj)

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