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Flexible In-line Valves For Many Areas Of Application

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Flexible In-line Valves For Many Areas Of Application
Flexible In-line Valves For Many Areas Of Application

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The flexibility within the PVL-B2 series is particularly evident in the blockable valves: due to common connections for supply and exhaust air, the valves score with simple installation with significantly reduced time and costs for the tubing. The new pneumatic valves were developed in both a DC and an AC version. The two different electrical pilot options also offer flexibility: In non-aggressive environments, a 10 mm pilot valve in 24VDC with degree of protection IP40 is used; for more aggressive environments, a 15 mm DIN C pilot valve with protection class IP 65 is available for different voltage ranges. The PVL-B2 series can be blocked to form a valve terminal.Infeed takes place via one or two connection and end module modules with two common outlet channels. For optimal flow, three connection variants with six and eight millimeter quick-connect connections or with G1 / 8 thread are available. This can be used to control cylinders with a piston diameter of up to 50 mm. PVL-B2 valves are suitable for cylinder travel speeds of more than one meter per second, depending on the piston diameter, connections and hose diameter. The electrical connection to the magnetic coils is made via a three-pole 15 mm DIN C connector with 8 mm contact spacing. It is also possible to connect using a space and weight-saving clamp connector with protection class IP40, which can significantly reduce the time required for installation.The block assembly allows the combination of any single or double coil solenoid valves. The new PVL-B2 series is fully compatible with Parkers valve series PVL-B and PVL-C. (qui)

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