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Process Diversity Thought Through To The End

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Process Diversity Thought Through To The End
Process Diversity Thought Through To The End

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From October 25th to 29th, 2016, the sheet metal working industry will meet again in Hanover for their world's largest trade fair, the Euroblech. At Euroblech in Hanover, Cloos will be presenting its innovations and developments in manual and automated welding. The company offers robot and welding technologies from a single source.

Diverse welding processes for different materials and components are the focus of the 200 m² exhibition stand. Whether thick or thin, aluminum or steel, manual or automated - the company offers the right welding process for every product requirement. At Euroblech 2016, Cloos will be presenting the Root Penetration Control (RPC) welding process for the first time. The controlled short arc process should be suitable for the requirements in pipeline construction, for root welding or welding thin sheets.


Today's high-tech adhesives make tomorrow's high-tech vehicles possible

The RPC process is characterized by a stable, low-spatter arc, which is insensitive to external influences from the welder. The low heat input reduces both energy consumption and component warpage. This reduces the costs for any reworking to a minimum.

Cloos also introduces the functions of the Tandem Weld welding process for automated welding. At Tandem Weld, Cloos has been the world market leader since 1996. Since then, the process has been continuously developed. A total of several thousand tandem weld applications from Cloos are in use worldwide. New synergy characteristics enable higher melting rates and thus higher welding speeds. The robot functions also simplify programming. With the Wire Orientation Vector function, the robot should automatically recognize the position of the welding torch and the welding direction, which further reduces the programming effort.

Power sources for many applications

During demonstrations in the manual welding area, visitors can experience the Qineo model range of welding power sources from entry level to premium on site. In addition to the new TIG welding machine GLW 502, the Qin-Tron Pulse for MSG welding can also be inspected with a pulsed arc.

The Qineo Pulse for manual and automated welding is characterized by versatile application options and good welding properties. The system is available in three performance classes and combines five different welding processes in one device. The Qineo Champ welding power source should meet the highest demands for complex tasks in the automated field.

QIROX includes all solutions for automated welding and cutting
QIROX includes all solutions for automated welding and cutting

In addition to the Qineo welding machines, Cloos develops automated welding systems based on Qirox robots, positioners and devices - users should be equipped to meet the growing requirements in automated welding technology. The spectrum ranges from simple, compact systems to complex, linked systems with independent component identification and automatic loading and unloading processes. (br)

Euroblech 2016: Hall 13, Stand E49

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