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Load The Energy Chain In Seconds

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Load The Energy Chain In Seconds
Load The Energy Chain In Seconds

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Video: Easy handling E4Q : Assemble the energy chain without any tools 2023, February

The energy supply chains of the Easytrax series from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp are designed to enable extremely fast cable occupancy: cables, hoses, etc. are simply pressed into the flexible slat brackets. Tools are not necessary. This means that up to 1 m of the energy chain can be filled in less than 1 s - this saves assembly costs.

Due to the flexible slat brackets, cable towing promises even more advantages: They pivot laterally and not into the line space, so that a very high degree of filling is achieved. A divider system including height divisions is intended to ensure safe separation of the lines. In the interior there are smooth surfaces without interference edges to protect the cables. The energy chains are available with inner heights from 4.6 mm to 31 mm and inner widths from 7 mm to 78 mm.

Energy supply

Chain and cable from a single source

Stable but flexible

In addition, the 2K technology should also provide advantages. Hard chain bodies made of glass fiber reinforced material are combined with flexible locking clips made of elastic special plastic. In this way, energy supply chains can be implemented that should combine the apparently contradictory properties of stability and flexibility. The use of glass fiber reinforced plastic results in a greater additional load than with comparable chains of this size. According to the manufacturer, the stable chain construction of the Easytrax series guarantees high torsional rigidity and supports very long unsupported lengths of up to 2.4 m. The locking system in the stop system is intended to ensure high lateral stability. Due to an integrated noise reduction, the all-plastic chain is very quiet during operation. (sh)

Energy supply

Small energy supply for short unsupported applications

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