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Realistic Reliability Parameters For Pneumatics Available Online

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Realistic Reliability Parameters For Pneumatics Available Online
Realistic Reliability Parameters For Pneumatics Available Online

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Almost every second designer and other standard users in mechanical engineering have difficulty in obtaining realistic reliability parameters for pneumatic components. This was the result of a VDMA survey among users of standards as part of the ISO 17305 project. This means that pneumatics performs significantly worse than all other automation technologies.

Take over in Sistema

This result does not adequately reflect reality: Aventics has been providing relevant reliability parameters such as MTTF, B10 or PFHD for almost all components of the product portfolio on the Internet and as an overview in a brochure, which is freely accessible. In addition, users can download the corresponding data records including the required documentation and copy them error-free into the cross-manufacturer software Sistema for configuring safety-related control parts.

The reliability parameters of the Aventics components are based on the results of real tests and the latest simulation programs. This means that designers are on the safe side when they have to provide the computational evidence required by the standards.

Circuit examples are also available

The comprehensive list of all reliability values ​​is only one component of the information on everything to do with machine safety. In addition, Aventics puts circuit examples evaluated by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health online. Designers can easily transfer these to their applications and thus significantly reduce their effort. Experienced machine safety experts from Aventics also advise customers on site for complex tasks. (jv)

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