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Keep Crowds In The River In A Controlled Manner

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Keep Crowds In The River In A Controlled Manner
Keep Crowds In The River In A Controlled Manner

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The new product family provides users in a wide range of transfer technology with reliable, efficient and inexpensive helpers to separate pallets of different types and weights from 1 kg to 1200 kg and to transport them individually. Pneumatic or electrical The compact, highly integrated machine elements work pneumatically or electrically. The electrical variants all function in a damped manner in environments without compressed air.

Safety shock absorber

Damper for continuous use

With the pneumatic variants, there is a choice between single- or double-acting separators that work either without or with inductive or electronic monitoring. ACE offers a total of eight basic types in the pneumatic area. With them, workpieces can be transported quickly and smoothly through the various manufacturing processes. There, the pallet stoppers from ACE brake the workpiece carriers without vibration on the stop plate defined for this purpose, bring them to a precise stop and, after a freely definable waiting time, release them again - together or individually - by pneumatic lowering to the next processing station. The pneumatic damping force can be continuously adjusted to the workpiece carrier weight.

Also with a small shock absorber

If customers choose the also available variants with self-adjusting small shock absorbers in this area, masses up to four times higher can be braked compared to the purely pneumatic variant - and this with the same size. An optional air connection guarantees that the stop is retracted even when the load is low. So the additional advantages are not bought by disadvantages elsewhere. The vibration-free stopping ensures optimum positional stability of the workpieces, the separators can also be used for positioning on pneumatic cylinders, for example. And as usual with all ACE products, easy assembly and a wide range of accessories are ensured. (br)

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