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New Decoration Technologies For Plastic Surfaces

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New Decoration Technologies For Plastic Surfaces
New Decoration Technologies For Plastic Surfaces

Video: New Decoration Technologies For Plastic Surfaces

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Video: Discover the unlimited KURZ possibilities for plastic surfaces 2023, January

The new IPD-Skin (Individual Post Decoration) process is demonstrated live on a Niebling molding system. A thin decorative layer is transferred to a finished component using IPD skin. The process is particularly suitable for the economical decoration of small series and prototypes. It also allows the decoration of strongly curved components and can generate distinctive haptic structures.

A new technology developed in collaboration with Bond Laminates is the in-mold decoration process combined with hybrid molding. Here, a semi-finished fiber composite is overmolded and decorated with plastic in one step. Briefly shows at K 2016 decorated thin-wall components from different industries and with different surface designs.

Further decorative innovations are presented on the subject of light management. Kurz presents a wide range of design solutions for exclusive ambient lighting with partial or full-surface translucency, with depth effects or different degrees of illumination. In addition to backlit surface designs, Kurz also shows the integration of touch and gesture functions and the implementation of dead-front effects. The exhibition stand demonstrates how a closed design area can be transformed into a backlit control panel by activating gestures. On the subject of “smart surfaces”, innovative applications with multi-touch functionality and gesture control using capacitive sensors based on the PolyTC technology of the short subsidiary PolyIC will also be on display. (qui)

K 2016: Hall 5, Stand A 19

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