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With Robot Technology To Victory

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With Robot Technology To Victory
With Robot Technology To Victory

Video: With Robot Technology To Victory

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Do You Love Me? 2023, February

The 66 international teams sent their pilots against each other in six demanding disciplines. On the obstacle course with motorized wheelchairs, leg prostheses, arm prostheses and robotic exoskeletons, the athletes were able to demonstrate their skill and speed. A bicycle race with electrical muscle stimulation and a thought-driven virtual race also showed what outstanding sporting performance combined with the latest technology make possible today.

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Development with those affected

The organizers of EHT Zurich were also satisfied and saw themselves one step closer to the goal of promoting research and development of assistance technologies. Robert Riener, initiator of the Cybathlon and professor for sensorimotor systems at the ETH Zurich, said: “Today we have shown that we can achieve great things if we include the needs of those affected in the development of assistance technologies. I am proud of the work of these approximately 70 teams and I am very happy about the worldwide attention that the Cybathlon has found”.

Assistance technologies to try out

After the competition, the curious visitors were able to experience once again how modern support technology can help people with disabilities to cope with everyday life. The viewers were allowed to become active themselves and overcome obstacles at different stations with wheelchairs or test mind-controlled computer games.

The next major cybathlon is already being planned and should take place in four years. It can be eagerly anticipated what will make the development of assistance technologies possible until then.


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Further information on the Cybathlon can be found on the event page of the ETH Zurich Cybathlon.

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