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Interdisciplinary CAE System For Schema-based Documentation

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Interdisciplinary CAE System For Schema-based Documentation
Interdisciplinary CAE System For Schema-based Documentation

Video: Interdisciplinary CAE System For Schema-based Documentation

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Video: EDDI2020: Session 7: Managing DDI 2023, January

The new version Ecscad 2017 brings innovations that users have been waiting for a long time, it says. This is shown above all by the significantly expanded application area of ​​the software. In addition to classic electrical planning, the new Ecscad can also be used in maintenance, mechatronics, in process, measurement and control technology, in plant construction and in building technology. Wherever schemes are drawn and edited, Ecscad is now more effective.

P&ID module integrated

The P&I module for process engineering, which was previously available separately, is included in Ecscad 2017. This provides users with symbols in accordance with DIN 19227. There are also functions for processing pipelines and for creating lists for apparatus, fittings, measuring points, motors, etc. Of course, the software also creates cross-references between the circuit diagram and the P&ID diagram, and you can easily attach additional documents such as data sheets or photographs. In short: logic for two areas of application creates efficiency.

Universal E-CAD interface

The most important innovation is the E-CAD interface, which allows electrical documentation to be imported from any CAE system in the background if it is in DWG or DXF format. The software creates the original project structure and allows the user to access all project pages. The graphic elements can be edited with the construction functions of AutoCAD or Ecscad and converted into Ecscad objects. In this way, lines become lines in which you can insert Ecscad symbols with a click of the mouse. The imported project can be output as a structured PDF. Users can print out the entire project or individual project pages, and the documentation can be managed in a cross-departmental data management system such as Autodesk Vault.

Better performance

In addition, the new version comes with numerous performance improvements: higher speed, fewer clicks, faster to the destination. This applies in particular to data output - from the terminal diagram and project output to graphic lists - and the copying of systems and pages. The dialog boxes have been standardized so that users can find their way even more easily, and all directories of a project are now also output in the publisher.

At SPS / IPC / Drives, humans and machines are exhibiting in Hall 6, Stand 111. Information about the software, demo videos, reference reports and advice are available on the Human and Machine website (www.mum.de / www.mum.at / www.mum.ch). (mz)

Man and machine at the SPS IPC Drives 2016: Hall 6, Stand 111

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