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Automated Driving Challenges Industry And Suppliers

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Automated Driving Challenges Industry And Suppliers
Automated Driving Challenges Industry And Suppliers

Video: Automated Driving Challenges Industry And Suppliers

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Video: The Challenge of Building a Self-Driving Car 2023, January

The advent of digitization and networking with automated driving will fundamentally change the traffic system in the next few years. The German automotive industry and its suppliers have to adjust to mastering “big data” and seize the opportunities to develop new business models. Otherwise, technology leadership may be at risk. Both VDE CEO Ansgar Hinz and ZVEI President Michael Ziesemer see this danger.

"Already today, around 80% of automotive innovations already come from microelectronics and software," says Ziesemer at the VDE / ZVEI Microelectronics Symposium on automated driving in Berlin. "The electronics share of the production value of even a medium-sized vehicle is now over 30%." Automated driving will require many microelectronic sensors and actuators in the car, as well as fast evaluation of large data streams. Hinz pointed out the risk of being overtaken here by experienced Internet companies: "Some of these providers are attacking the core of German industry on the subject of autonomous driving."

Automated driving

Automated driving - steering without limits

At the moment, the German manufacturers with their premium vehicles, particularly in driver assistance systems - as the forerunner of automation - are the world leaders. Ziesemer sees this as a favorable starting point: "But the race for the mobility of the future is definitely open." Hinz emphasized the necessary "strong team effort of companies, politics, associations and initiatives to take the next step towards new mobility.")


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