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Precise Drive Technology For Patient Handling

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Precise Drive Technology For Patient Handling
Precise Drive Technology For Patient Handling

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Video: Improve Diagnostic Accuracy for Better Patient Care 2023, January

The demographic change affects the nursing sector in two ways: on the one hand, the number of nursing cases continues to increase, on the other hand, the nursing staff themselves are getting older. The number of staff required for patients in need of care should more than double by 2050. Hospital operators face this development with enormous challenges and force them to be more efficient.

Patient handling systems

One solution is patent handling systems that support nursing staff. For example, patients are already taken to the treatment room for radiation treatment while lying on the patient bed to save time. A patient handling system enables patients to be brought into a position that is optimal for therapy or surgery. In addition, it is common today to X-ray and operate on patients in one procedure. Particularly with imaging methods, which are becoming increasingly important in everyday surgery, however, a very high level of precision and rigidity as well as general absolute safety are required.

Application-specific gear systems for medical technology

Such applications require special approvals and designs for the drive solutions. For this purpose, Nabtesco develops extremely precise, rigid and overload-proof gear systems, such as the RH-N gear heads, which enable error-free and highly precise recordings. These compact, highly integrated cycloid gears have been specially developed for the European market, are manufactured locally and can be integrated quickly and inexpensively. They also meet the hygienic standards that are necessary in medical technology.

Nabtesco can also adapt its transmission systems to individual, specific applications on request. Customers benefit from the many years of experience that Nabtesco has in both medical technology and robotics: The market leader in the field of robotics gearboxes can use its extensive expertise in medical technology when developing new gearbox solutions. (mz)

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