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CAE Strategy Advice Helps With Questions About Simulation

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CAE Strategy Advice Helps With Questions About Simulation
CAE Strategy Advice Helps With Questions About Simulation

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With the new offer from CAE Strategy Consulting, Cadfem supports interested companies in examining the chances of simulation in order to successfully implement them if necessary or to optimize the use of existing solutions. The company offers the process from the as-is analysis to planning and practical use. The aim of the advice is to sustainably increase performance within the company's product development.

Through a customer-specific integration of the simulation in the product development process, Cadfem wants to increase the benefits for the company not only in terms of time, costs and quality, but also with regard to the ability to develop and long-term competitiveness. The strategic integration of the simulation in the entire product development process extends the deeper understanding of the behavior of the product as a complete system.

What a holistic consideration of the simulation uses

This is becoming increasingly important in order to seize the opportunities of increasing digitalization at an early stage. However, upcoming challenges such as increasing complexity due to the increased variety of the requested products can also be better mastered with simulation. If a user plans to use simulation, the first question is not what software should be used, but what is the benefit of integrating simulation into the product development process.

The CAE advice at Cadfem is led by Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Stark, who first got to know simulation in the product development environment in the automotive industry. He then pushed ahead with the use of simulation at Bauknecht / Whirlpool, first technically and later organizationally, and gained experience there in more than 25 years.

For an industrial company, it can be a particular challenge not only to find the CAE solution that is suitable for the respective requirements, but also to organize and implement the internal processes accordingly. Here, Cadfem offers comprehensive support through its advice and, for example, organizes workshops involving all the departments and locations involved in order to work out a solution together. As a result of the advisory service, the customer receives a specification of the proposed measures (organization, methods and solutions). (kj)


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