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Housing Solutions In Maxi Version

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Housing Solutions In Maxi Version
Housing Solutions In Maxi Version

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For its modular Heicase standard housing family (formerly Ricase), Heitec AG offers the option of receiving this customer-specific up to a height of 30 U and a depth of up to 900 mm. The variants should therefore be particularly suitable for packaging-intensive applications with a lot of electronics or as a mobile "cabinet replacement". Due to their construction from individual, interconnected extruded profiles, the large variants also have high stability and are modularly scalable in 120 mm steps not only in height but also in depth (up to 900 mm). They can also be mounted on castors for mobile applications and equipped with specific handles.Despite its extensive dimensions, the housing can be used flexibly and flexibly - according to the manufacturer, the handles are tested up to 100 kg and suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Custom design possible

The housing design should be able to be adapted to the customer's corporate design: the decorative elements (corner covers and plastic parts) of the "Maxi" can be designed in RAL colors of your choice if required. In addition, there is also the option of receiving the system housing in the color of your choice.

Like the standard housings of the Heicase family, the new, customer-specific Maxi versions also meet all requirements for robust table and system housings with scalable interior and exterior fittings and can be adapted to all possible conditions through a comprehensive range of accessories. Due to their modularity, their elements can be combined with many individual parts made of different materials, such as front or rear elements made of plexiglass and much more. The housings can also be delivered lockable. (sh)

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