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Humanoid Robots Penetrate The Human World

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Humanoid Robots Penetrate The Human World
Humanoid Robots Penetrate The Human World

Video: Humanoid Robots Penetrate The Human World

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Video: Humanoid Robots in Action - DARPA Robotics Challenge 2023, February

“Humanoid robots offer by far the broadest range of possibilities for use in a team with humans. Due to their morphology and kinematic structure, they can control almost any environment made for humans and, given a few boundary conditions, also represent the smallest psychological barrier for human-robot cooperation,”says Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner, site manager of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI) Bremen and head of the robotics working group at the University of Bremen, the relevance of the topic.

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In the industrial environment, with a view to the use of humanoid robots, on the one hand, special environments are relevant in which humans are acutely or latently at risk. “On the other hand, there are all areas in which medium or long-term damage or impairments can be expected through physical compulsory posture. And another field will be assistants that allow people to concentrate on cognitively demanding tasks,”says Kirchner, who will lead the conference as a conference leader on the range of applications.

Design and design of humanoid robots

Due to the increasingly complex morphologies of robots, holistic approaches such as whole body control are necessary in order to control the large number of joints and to be able to perform several tasks in parallel. This affects not only humanoid robots, but also mobile manipulators with one or more arms. Dr.-Ing. José de Gea Fernández, team leader robot control at the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center in Bremen. He will also speak about the development of modular and transferable generic software for robot systems of different morphology. “This is of great importance in order to simplify the programming of robots - also with a view to Industry 4.0. Robots have to be flexible and quickly adaptable to small batch sizes,”says de Gea Fernández.Skilled workers could simply program the robot themselves. In addition, generic software can be used for robots from different manufacturers.

In the industrial environment, relevance for controlling mobile manipulators that perform complex and possibly parallel interaction tasks with the environment is of great importance. De Gea Fernández gives examples: “One arm holds an object, while a second arm operates on the object. Or a humanoid robot drills a hole in the wall while standing on a ladder. Beyond his actual task, he must then maintain his posture and be able to keep his balance.”


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