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Current Transducers For Next Generation IE3 Motors

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Current Transducers For Next Generation IE3 Motors
Current Transducers For Next Generation IE3 Motors

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From January 1, 2017, the next stage of the ErP Directive 2009/125 / EC will come into force, according to which new motors placed on the market must now meet the new efficiency class IE3 from 0.75 kW or, alternatively, only with efficiency class IE2 may be operated with electronic speed control.

The necessary changes to this new energy-efficient motor generation often lead to a lower ohmic resistance with a simultaneous increase in inductance, which then goes hand in hand with an increase in the starting currents. This affects many applications in which engines are started directly. This includes, for example, pumps, compressors or fans and air conditioning systems.

Energy management

Effectively maximize energy efficiency and plant availability

Terminal block

Plan, install and operate control cabinets more efficiently

Withstand increased starting current peaks

In such applications, monitoring the operating current of the new IE3 motors requires measuring devices that can withstand the increased starting current peaks. The new ACT20 push-through current transducers from Weidmüller should be able to be combined with IE3 motors due to their 10-fold overload capacity, in order to measure and monitor motor currents of up to 100 A, AC or DC in a small overall width. The transducers use the true RMS method to record correct measured values ​​and are intended to enable current measurements with a high level of measurement accuracy. According to Weidmüller, the high measuring accuracy of ≤ 0.5% (FSR) is given even with distorted curve shapes of AC and DC currents.

In order to be able to operate the associated systems and processes as efficiently as possible, users also need continuous information about the current status of their consumers and their operating behavior. In addition to the ACT20P push-through transducers, Weidmüller offers a communicative version with an Ethernet connection. The devices of the ACT20C series provide the relevant information and are intended to enable the early detection of anomalies in the application.

Condition monitoring systems

Weidmüller takes over Bosch Rexroth Monitoring Systems

Precise condition monitoring

The ACT20C current measuring transducers are intended to enable precise condition monitoring: preventive maintenance strategies can be implemented using information about the operating conditions and process data of the connected devices. Monitoring or configuration is carried out via the ACT20C station of the gateway. Users carry out the software configuration on the basis of the FDT and FDT2 standards, this should make parameterization as well as documentation and data backup easier.

ACT20C current transducers are used in combination with the new ACT20C gateway. With the ACT20C gateway, users have an overview of all process parameters via Ethernet, on the one hand, and station management with "Plug & Produce" and "Hot Swapping" speeds up installation and possible maintenance work. The comprehensive diagnostic concept is designed to support a quick and exact cause analysis. (sh)

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