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Cross-machine Control For All Compressed Air Components

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Cross-machine Control For All Compressed Air Components
Cross-machine Control For All Compressed Air Components

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The next generation of SAM 4.0, the cross-machine control system for all components of compressed air generation and processing. Among other things, it optimizes the pressure quality, automatically adjusts the delivery capacity of the compressor station when the pressure consumption fluctuates, comprehensively optimizes energy efficiency on the basis of control losses, switching losses, pressure flexibility and makes your compressed air station fit for future services such as predictive maintenance. All of this increases operational safety and efficiency while reducing energy costs.

Highest possible print quality

This is made possible, among other things, by the adaptive 3-D advanced control. This not only takes switching losses (start / stop) into account. It also has other dimensions that influence the energy efficiency of a compressed air system, such as control losses (idling and frequency conversion) and pressure flexibility (average increase above the required pressure). The innovative control system calculates the optimum that can be achieved and controls the connected components accordingly. The decisive factor is the pressure on the user.

SAM 4.0 can be operated in 30 languages ​​and the easy-to-use 12 "touch screen color display shows at a glance whether the station is energetically in the" green zone ". Operating conditions, pressure history, delivery quantity and performance as well as maintenance and eventual Fault messages for the current time and, of course, retrospectively can be easily displayed and analyzed, not only on site, but also conveniently from the PC in the office or elsewhere thanks to a network connection. This not only provides security and creates the basis for predictive Maintenance, but also enables use for energy management according to ISO 50001.

Control and monitor components via the network

A particular advantage opens up if the Kaeser Sigma Network is used in addition to SAM 4.0. Sigma Network is a specially developed, self-contained, powerful and secure Ethernet-based network that supports optimal monitoring and control of the components of a compressed air station.

Remote diagnosis and needs-based, predictive maintenance are further arguments with which SAM 4.0 can score. Maintenance and fault reports are immediately sent to a previously specified personal address by email. Services such as preventive and demand-oriented maintenance open up the possibility of remote diagnosis. Both increase the availability and safety of compressed air and ensure the lowest life cycle costs.

SAM 4.0 is already designed for the possible growth of the compressed air station. A simple upgrade of the software enables expansion without additional investment in new hardware. (jv)

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