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Motorcycle Refiners Individualize Harleys With Siemens Control

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Motorcycle Refiners Individualize Harleys With Siemens Control
Motorcycle Refiners Individualize Harleys With Siemens Control

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Kodlin Motorcycle in Northern Hesse specializes in customizing Harley Davidson motorcycles to meet the needs of their customers. Depending on the modification of the series machine, the costs for this amount to over 50,000 euros. For the manufacture of specially designed frames and components such as running boards, footrests and handles, Kodlin relies on the Sinumerik 828D machine tool control from Siemens and a Promill VL 1000 from MMD machine tools. This enables the company to produce the individual parts and small series economically and, thanks to its own production, also the technical knowledge in-house.

Cult with that certain something

Many associate the Harley Davidson motorcycle brand with freedom and independence. The brand's motorcycles are considered a cult, and their owners often have a close relationship with their machines. This is even more the case when the already impressive motorcycles are individually refined and thus meet the needs of their riders even more.

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This has been made possible by the Hessian family company Kodlin Motorcycle under the management of Fred Kodlin and his son Len since 1984. Together with their team, they modify around 50 motorcycles each year, including the “excavators” that are currently in demand, ie motorcycles with very large front wheels.

Simple operation of the sophisticated technology

The company manufactures the individual parts and small series such as running boards, engine covers, handles and footrests. "The risk of plagiarism suddenly appearing somewhere is simply too great," explains Len Kodlin. “Our customers pay for uniqueness, and they get it from us. For this reason, we do everything ourselves - from sheet metal processing through welding to milling, turning, painting and assembling.”For this, Kodlin uses the Premill VL1000 CNC processing center and the Sinumerik 828D control with the Sinumerik Operate user interface. This enables employees to create simple parts directly on the machine, while Kodlin designs complex parts on an external CAD / CAM workstation. The data is then transferred to the machine via a USB stick.

Kodlin uses various Sinumerik cycles to set up the workpiece and tool. The clear folder structure of Sinumerik Operate, which is structured similarly to a conventional PC, helps him with the program naming. This allows programs to be named, for example, “Lenker1-Harley3”, which accommodates later assignment and findability. In addition to the control and the manufacturing capabilities of the CNC machining center, the motorcycle refiners also use the Sinumerik 828D Mdynamics technology package with integrated Advanced Surface motion control. This allows the program to be set so that the machine puts speed, accuracy and surface quality in an optimal relationship.

Luxurious unique pieces on two wheels

In addition to modifications to individual parts of the motorcycles, the company also offers one-offs in which only the engine is from Harley Davidson, but the rest has been adapted to individual customer requirements. "In terms of exclusivity, these one-of-a-kind products cannot be beaten, because in design and technology we make almost the impossible possible," explains Len Kodlin. Then only the TÜV and the customer's wallet set limits. Because such a one-off like to cost up to 120,000 euros. Perhaps also the reason why these custom-made products are so far the exception with one or two pieces per year. (kj)

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