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Certified Magnetic Sensor Simplifies Safety Verification

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Certified Magnetic Sensor Simplifies Safety Verification
Certified Magnetic Sensor Simplifies Safety Verification

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Schunk Electronic Solutions is a component manufacturer (linear units) as well as a mechanical engineer for various applications in which linear motors are used. The panel separators depend on high precision and process reliability when milling and sawing the sometimes tiny circuit board elements. The positioning of the workpiece and milling cutter must be absolutely exact. This is ensured by absolute magnetic measuring systems from Siko GmbH with the model name Mag-Line.

Implementers meant additional effort

The previous production situation is described by Stefan Weiner, Drive Technology Development at Schunk Electronic Solutions: “In our depaneling machines, we work with a Siemens control system that is based on Siemens' own Drive-Cliq interface. However, the previous absolute magnetic Siko measuring system that we used was not compatible because it was designed for SSI technology. We had to work with converters who then processed the signal for Drive-Cliq. That meant a lot of wiring work in the machine, since the connection boxes are only allowed to sit a maximum of three meters from the axis - and accordingly additional costs were incurred.”

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Schunk was looking for a cheaper and simpler solution. With Siko as a partner, the sensor solution was developed based on the Siemens Drive-Cliq interface. The special thing about Drive-Cliq technology is its SIL capability. The interface thus allows the required safety functions to be implemented. The result of the further development is the magnetic sensor MSA111C with Drive-Cliq function, which is SIL2 certified.

First magnetic sensor with safety certification

"A unique selling point," says Andreas Wiessler, head of the Mag-Line business unit (magnetic measurement technology) at Siko. "We developed the first absolutely measuring magnetic sensor in an open design, that means that the scale and electronics are completely decoupled mechanically, which has a safety certification."

The application has the desired effect for Schunk: On the one hand, significant cost savings could be achieved. On the other hand, the integrated Drive-Cliq function simplifies the commissioning of the sensor and communication. There is no need for converters. The Siko measuring system is directly connected to the controller as a plug-and-play solution. All Drive-Cliq participants are now recognized by the converter and automatically created in the system, whereas the SSI interface had to be configured manually in order to function.

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