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GDS Shows All-round Package For Technical Documentation

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GDS Shows All-round Package For Technical Documentation
GDS Shows All-round Package For Technical Documentation

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"We are delighted to be attending the Tekom annual conference with the expanded corporate family for the first time," says GDS CEO Ulrich Pelster. Direct contact with customers and potential business partners is always particularly relevant here. "We are very excited to see how the industry's response to our greatly expanded service portfolio and the numerous new products will be."

Up to date

GDS has further optimized the core product, the Docuglobe editorial system: Among other things, support for the Coti interface, an automated transfer of data between editorial and translation memory systems, has been expanded. In addition, Docuglobe was linked to the EB.Suite, a mobile solution for technical documentation from the GDS subsidiary Easy-Browse. Users can conveniently access the latest version of technical documentation using a tablet, smartphone or Internet browser.


Always up to date with the technical documentation

Authordesk's authoring support, which provides technical editors with suggestions for completing words and sentences, has been expanded to include a new user client. This significantly simplifies the use of the managed expressions and sentences. Christian Paul, Head of the Software and Solutions department, will also be showing the "GDS Solutions" tool presentation in room C10.5 on Wednesday, November 9 at 5:15 p.m.

Fast, easy, legally compliant

Ovidius, represented for the first time as part of the GDS group at the Tekom annual conference, presents XR, a user-friendly editing system based on XML. With XR / airline, visitors experience the application in practice using the example of Swiss International Air Lines. In addition, Ovidius gives a first glimpse into the new XR / Engineering solution, which is currently being developed specifically for mechanical and plant engineering. Users of the current ARC Desk Version 2.0 can do without paperwork, annotated PDFs or confusing e-mail dialogues. The web-based platform for collaborative review and approval processes enables users to work even faster, easier and more legally. The appearance of the XML specialist is rounded off with the specialist lecture "Clear processes - better documentation" by Patrick Hallmann,Head of Sales and Sascha Wiswedel, Project Manager, Consultant and Application Developer, on Tuesday, November 8, from 9.45 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. in room C9 2nd floor.

Put modules into translation in a targeted manner

The GDS Group also offers an insight into the services of the GDS language world. Translations of technical documentation are part of everyday life in the globalized economy and are often required by law. Thanks to the GDS language world, there is a seamless exchange of content with the GDS editorial system Docuglobe. Only the required modules of a documentation for translation can be played out in a targeted manner. In addition, the first translations of individual modules or complete documentation are developed on request according to individual customer specifications. In this way, an optimal result is always achieved, which serves as the basis for further translations. (mz)

GDS at Tekom 2016: Stand 2 / B01

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