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Automation Specialist Turck Expects Six Percent Sales Growth

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Automation Specialist Turck Expects Six Percent Sales Growth
Automation Specialist Turck Expects Six Percent Sales Growth

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According to Wolf, this corresponds to consolidated group growth of around 6% compared to the previous year. "According to current estimates, Turck should achieve above-average growth in Germany this year at around seven percent," said Wolf.

Turck expects growth of 5% in Western Europe and 9% in Eastern Europe, while Russia can expect above-average growth of around 12 to 14%. Turkey, which Turck also classifies in this region according to Wolf, even expects 22% growth. However, Wolf is critical of the current political developments in Turkey, which could stand in the way of further positive economic development. Turck achieved 4% growth in North America and 9% in South America (Brazil is particularly good, with 18% growth, which corresponds to sales of around € 3 to 4 million). The Asian / Pacific region achieved 5% growth overall, with India showing the highest growth rates with around 40%. In China, Turck achieved 3 to 4% growth; there “the trees no longer grow in the sky,” says Wolf.Finally, growth in Africa is 7%.

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Crisis in the oil and gas industry is having an impact

How did the individual product groups develop in 2016? The Automation Products business unit achieved overall growth of 5%. Broken down to the individual products: position and proximity sensors 5%, opto and ultrasonic sensors 12%, linear and rotation sensors 10%, fluid sensors 1%, interface technology 0%; According to Wolf, the low growth of the latter two product groups is primarily due to the crisis in the oil and gas industry.

The Automation Systems business unit achieved overall growth of 11%. This is broken down as follows: Fieldbus technology FA grows by 10%, connection technology by 28%, which is mainly due to cost optimization, improved logistics and the product portfolio that has been optimized in recent years. RFID products achieved 4% growth, the fieldbus technology PA 1%.

The number of employees in the Turck Group rose by 3.1% in 2016 from 4074 to approximately 4200 employees worldwide. The company now employs 1920 people in Germany, compared to 1,868 in 2015. Overall, the development of the number of employees is “in a healthy relationship to the company's growth,” says Wolf.

Industry 4.0 at a glance

At the press conference, the managing director also explained Turck's contribution to Industry 4.0 in addition to corporate development: "Data is the lifeblood for Industry 4.0 and Turck provides efficient solutions for capturing, processing and transferring relevant production data." Product development from Turck, adds Klaus Ebinger, Head of Product Management Interface Technology.

According to Managing Director Wolf, the Turck Group makes essential contributions to the key technologies for Industry 4.0 - RFID, OPC-UA, IO-Link and Ethernet. However, sensors remained the nucleus: "Without sensors, there would be no Industry 4.0," says Wolf.

From a company perspective, it was also important to steer the current discussion about Industry 4.0 away from the idea of ​​“what can we do technically?” Towards a primarily user-oriented discussion in order to demonstrate the advantages of the new technologies to customers.

Optimize business processes

In addition to digitized production processes, digitized business processes are also important to be well positioned for the challenges of the future. Turck has recently invested over 30 million euros, not only in improving the IT infrastructure and manufacturing and material logistics, but also in globally standardized software systems such as SAP, CRM, intranet and e-learning.

Wolf again announced an ambitious growth target for 2017: sales should increase by 6% to a target of more than EUR 560 million. There are some uncertainties that could have an impact on the general economic environment, such as Brexit, the situation in Russia and Turkey, but also the developments surrounding the presidential election in the USA. (jv)

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