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Freeformers New Materials And Applications

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Freeformers New Materials And Applications
Freeformers New Materials And Applications

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Video: Research Innovation and Technology Center for New Materials 2023, February

A major advantage of Arburg plastic freeforming (AKF) is the ability to process qualified standard granules, such as those used for injection molding. The original material is first melted in the plasticizing cylinder and applied to a component carrier that can move over three axes. The desired three-dimensional component is created layer by layer. With the polyetherimide (PEI) Ultem 9085, the Freeformer processes a high-temperature plastic for the first time. The layer height of only around 0.14 millimeters and the associated component quality are also noteworthy for this application. Spacers weighing 0.09 grams each, which are installed in all-round injection molding machines from Arburg, are produced in a small series of 70 pieces. The construction time is around three hours in total.The PEI parts offer good mechanical properties and are suitable for high long-term use temperatures. They have a very high specific strength and rigidity as well as dielectric strength and are resistant to UV and gamma rays. The material can therefore also be used very well for applications in the automotive industry and aviation. (qui)

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