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Servo Drives For Linear And Rotary Applications

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Servo Drives For Linear And Rotary Applications
Servo Drives For Linear And Rotary Applications

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Video: What is Linear Motion Control? 2023, February

At this year's SPS IPC Drives, ESR Pollmeier is showing five linear drives, four rotary drives, three Industrial Ethernets for two customer groups from one partner. At the stand, visitors can see the drives in action and experience live how the servo drives can be integrated into Industry 4.0 applications beyond Industrial Ethernet.

The products at the exhibition stand and the application examples are representative of the two possible uses of the ESR portfolio: on the one hand the use of individual drive components and on the other hand the system solution for the movement tasks in a machine. ESR Pollmeier describes suitable customer groups. Mechanical engineering OEMs focus on the component they use for special tasks such as: B. need a special servo motor or servo controller. They want to keep the engineering in their own hands. Special machine builders and end users who want to control and automate the movements in their machines prefer system solutions and appreciate a partner who does the engineering for them.

Switch to electric drives easier

For the components, the company has recently launched special linear actuators and linear motors, which are intended to make it easy to switch from hydraulics and pneumatics to electric drives. In addition there are linear drives based on spindles or toothed belts as well as motor-gear combinations and torque motors for rotary applications.

Together with the new generation of servo drives, the user should be able to use all the advantages of servo technology to position quickly, precisely and powerfully, e.g. B. in handling and assembly or with measuring machines and test benches. The drive packages in the power range from 0.2 kW to 15 kW should be suitable for stand-alone solutions with an operator terminal as well as for use in automation systems. (sh)

SPS / IPC / Drives 2016: Hall 4, Stand 4-220

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