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Solve CAD Problems Easily

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Solve CAD Problems Easily
Solve CAD Problems Easily

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The exchange of CAD data between companies is often difficult. Different CAD systems, complex models and incorrect data are the most common reasons for unnerved departments and delays in the production process. The CAD-Doctor SX, which is available in special packages with functions tailored precisely to the respective area of ​​application, provides a remedy. The CAD specialist Camtex now presents the new version CAD-Doctor SX 4.1 for German-speaking users.

Data exchange made easy

CAD-Doctor provides user-friendly solutions for the biggest CAD problems in collaboration between different departments or companies. The software converts numerous formats, automatically recognizes errors in the model and cleans them up. For this, the user has an integrated assistant that guides him step by step through the various stages of the repair process. Using a quick conversion function, the data is even repaired fully automatically.

Another stumbling block can be highly complex models. "Many of our customers work with very large data sets that are difficult to handle," says Steffen Volkmar, Managing Director of Camtex GmbH. "We will then show them how they can reduce the size using the CAD-Doctor outer cover function." For interference contours, it is sufficient, for example, to know the outer shape and dimensions of a model. Here the inner workings would only make it difficult to exchange data. CAD-Doctor removes this with a few clicks and thus reduces the amount of data by up to 90 percent. These simplified solid models are also used for digital mock-up (DMU). At the same time, an envelope geometry is ideal for protecting internal know-how.

New in CAD-Doctor SX 4.1

From its big brother, the EX 7.1, the new CAD-Doctor SX 4.1 gets extended features for the outer cover function. New tools for filling columns and creating fillers are now included. This simplifies the automatisms in CAD-Doctor. Gaps in the outer shell can be closed by volume, separate fillers or extrusion of surfaces.

CAD-Doctor brings current interfaces for Catia, Pro / E & Creo, NX, Parasolid, ACIS, JT, Step and Iges. The new SX 4.1 supports Catia V5 R26 as well as older versions (R19-V6-6R2016), Parasolid V28.1 and ACIS R26.

Special packages for different industries

"With the SX 4.1, we can offer various industries software solutions that exactly match their areas of application and facilitate data exchange," explains Steffen Volkmar. The CAD-Doctor SX from Elysium is available as a Trans-, FEM- or Mold- Package. While the Trans package is designed purely for conversion and repair, the FEM package is particularly suitable for users of CAE software. Large assemblies are reduced by envelope geometry and simplification. The mold package includes a mold construction module and features to simplify the Tool and mold makers can use it to remove radii and close openings, but also recognize undercuts, analyze wall thicknesses or determine draft angles. (Mz)

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