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Router With New Security Tools

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Router With New Security Tools
Router With New Security Tools

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Video: My Dope Advanced Home Network Setup for Privacy and Security! 2023, January

"Our TK800 routers are increasingly used in large projects, for example in the energy industry," explains Jos Zenner, Product Manager at Welotec. “At the same time, the topic of IT security is becoming increasingly important. The Welotec Security Suite enables networks with many field devices to be spanned securely and operated cost-effectively."

The Welotec Security Suite includes solutions for secure connection establishment via VPN (IGNIS firewall and VPN concentrator) as well as a radio-based router management system (DS800 Deployment Server). The latter system enables firmware updates and configurations "over the air". This means that all routers in the field can be adapted to new requirements without a technician having to make these settings for all devices on site. (jv)

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