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Select Materials With Computer Assistance

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Select Materials With Computer Assistance
Select Materials With Computer Assistance

Video: Select Materials With Computer Assistance

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Video: How to Select Materials 2023, January

Today's time is characterized by the ever faster development of products to enable new functions that make life easier and safer. These products are all made from factory fabrics. The "origin materials" are the chemical elements and the raw materials occurring on earth in the form of minerals. Approx. 66 pure chemical elements can be used as materials, many of which are crystalline. Since there is a connection between structure - structure - properties, only a few different properties are possible due to the limitation to mostly 4 crystalline basic shapes and the Bravais lattice of the elements that occur.

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We show the most important strategies of lightweight construction

Find the right material

The variety of properties can only be increased by mixing, i.e. alloying, the elements with one another. The problem arises from the various databases with millions of listed materials to find the material that should meet the requirements of the new products.

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The requirements are becoming more and more complex and are sometimes diametrically opposed to each other. On the one hand, products should function for a long time, be easy and inexpensive to manufacture, generate high sales revenues and not pollute the environment. However, long-lasting products can no longer be up-to-date after many years and also do not encourage new purchases and thus have negative ratings among economists.

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