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Safe Stack Cutter Thanks To Customized Light Barriers

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Safe Stack Cutter Thanks To Customized Light Barriers
Safe Stack Cutter Thanks To Customized Light Barriers

Video: Safe Stack Cutter Thanks To Customized Light Barriers

Video: Safe Stack Cutter Thanks To Customized Light Barriers
Video: Dahle 852 (200) Sheet Stack Paper Cutter 2023, September

The traditional Swabian company Krug & Priester is one of the “hidden champions”: its brands Ideal and Eba are better known than the name of the company, which is the global market leader in document shredders and cutting machines. For Krug & Priester customers - which include small and house printers, digital printers, copy shops, bookbinderies, advertising agencies, but also large printers and large industrial users - these brands stand for high quality: "Made in Balingen". The “full-scale production” also contributes to this: Krug & Priester is the only manufacturer in the world to carry out virtually all of the production steps in-house, from the manufacture of blanks to the grinding shop and final assembly. This enables the company on the edge of the Swabian Alb not only to make its quality control more efficient, but also to accelerate its product development.

Optimized performance and security

One result of these efforts could be seen at Drupa 2016 in Düsseldorf: Here the company presented the Ideal 7260 professional stack cutter with optimized features for the first time. This includes a 7-inch touchpad that can be individually adjusted at eye level. In addition to better readability and visibility, the associated display also offers greater functionality. Several machine functions can be shown in parallel on the display and switching between the individual functions is less often necessary. The cutting height of 80 mm also increases the performance of the Ideal 7260 by enabling the processing of larger quantities of paper. The new, three-stage adjustable LED illumination of the work area ensures additional cutting comfort.

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“When designing our stack cutters, we have two goals: that they cut precisely. And that you don't do it at the crucial moment,”says Krug & Priester. All Ideal devices comply with international safety regulations and all accident prevention regulations, for example those of the professional association for printing and paper. The stack cutters bear the GS mark for "tested safety", correspond to the European CE standard and are UL listed for the American market.

So that the knives stop immediately

To ensure safety for the operator, Krug & Priester has also developed its own comprehensive safety package for its stack cutters: the Safety Cutting System (SCS). It includes an electronically controlled, swiveling safety cover on the front table and a rear table cover. In addition, this includes a safety lock, a two-hand cut trigger, the touch-proof 24-volt control, the automatic knife and press bar return from every position and the disc brake for an immediate knife stop.

In the work area, the operator is protected by a safety light curtain of the type SLC 440Com from Schmersal. With this optoelectronic security system, the transmitter and receiver are housed in two separate customer-specific profiles, each over the entire working area of the Ideal 7260. If a person interrupts the protective field, for example by reaching into the hazardous area of the machine with his hand, a stop signal is triggered immediately to stop the cutting knife.


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