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Customized Control Cabinet Solutions

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Customized Control Cabinet Solutions
Customized Control Cabinet Solutions

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Häwa GmbH puts customer-specific control cabinet solutions in the focus of the trade fair appearance at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg. The company's individual consultant approach helps with development.

An example is a housing that demonstrates an FEM calculation for a simulation-based control cabinet / housing development process. This new service from Häwa is designed to efficiently identify weaknesses in housing and control cabinet designs and to visually display all physical properties. Based on the FEM calculation, Häwa wants to take targeted optimization measures, shorten the development time and save development costs.

Special ventilation and air conditioning concept

Thanks to a special ventilation and air-conditioning solution, the outdoor housings shown should be perfect for outdoor use in all weather conditions. They are based on a basic cabinet with different variants and removable, internally mounted side walls, as well as a special removable rain roof. The built-in fans and cooling devices ensure the right climate inside the case in any weather. To protect against scratching, the floor is equipped with VA sliding plates on the outside. The individually required perforations and rails for the interior of the housing are already pre-assembled.

Hygiene housings for packaging machines in the food sector can also be seen at the Häwa stand. Based on the RHL cabinet series H450, the hygienic housings benefit from smooth surfaces, a sloping roof and have no gaps or crevices in which product material could settle. Therefore, they should be easy and quick to clean and therefore resistant to high pressure cleaners. A special hygienic closure is also part of the equipment of the housing. A large mounting plate, which extends into the slope of the roof, offers space to accommodate the necessary assemblies in the housing.

The variable machine frame X-frame will also be shown. It is a modular frame system for building individual machine frames and enclosures. (sh)

Machine frame

With just a few individual components to create an individual machine frame

SPS IPC Drives 2016: Hall 5, Stand 170/270

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