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Germany's Economy Is Not Sustainable Without Climate Protection

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Germany's Economy Is Not Sustainable Without Climate Protection
Germany's Economy Is Not Sustainable Without Climate Protection

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Video: Is Germany sustainable? 2023, January

At an expert hearing in October 2016, Prof. Holger Rogall spoke to the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy of the German Bundestag about necessary measures in terms of climate protection and the associated opportunity to create jobs and safeguard Germany as a business location. The reason for the hearing was the application by Alliance 90 / The Greens under the title "Setting the course for the ecological modernization of the economy - seizing opportunities for climate protection". The central question of the committee was whether and how climate protection can be a key driver of innovation that ensures Germany's future viability.

Sustainable economics should open up many new jobs

"If states move in consistently and in good time, as Japan has demonstrated, the country's industry can draw a lot of innovative strength from it," explains the professor of sustainable economics at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR). "Certain technologies with which Germany is still the world market leader today are not sustainable," warns Rogall and demands that Germany must be at the forefront when it comes to climate protection.

"We have to become the global market leader in the transformation towards a sustainable energy supply and strive for 100 percent supply with renewable energies," says the sustainability expert, who is addressed to politicians. Rogall explains that 2.2 million people already work in the environmental sector and expects “an even greater increase in employment” through the sustainable restructuring of the German economy.

HWR Berlin is a leader in the field of sustainability

The HWR Berlin claims to be one of the leading institutions in Germany in the field of sustainability sciences in teaching and research. In addition to the master's courses in "Sustainability and Quality Management" and "Industrial Engineer - Energy and Environmental Resources", this focus is also offered in economics Bachelor programs. The university bundles subject-related research activities in the interdisciplinary Institute for Sustainability (INa). The sustainability forum has been an important international platform for information and exchange in this area for many years. The next conference will take place on November 30, 2016 at the HWR Berlin under the title "Evaluation of corporate sustainability". (kj)

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