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New PAEK Polymer Types For Additive Manufacturing

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New PAEK Polymer Types For Additive Manufacturing
New PAEK Polymer Types For Additive Manufacturing

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Video: New and Emerging High Performance Polymer Additive Manufacturing Materials and Processes 2023, February

As part of its key role, Victrex is developing new high-performance PAEK polymer grades based on innovative chemicals that are particularly suitable for processing in additive manufacturing processes. The PAEK materials currently used in some 3D processes were originally developed for injection molding or extrusion processes. The innovative types are aimed particularly at applications in the aerospace industry, the focus of the consortium, but also at applications in other areas such as medicine. An important goal is to improve the recycling rate of powders used in laser sintering (LS). With this additive manufacturing technology, it would significantly reduce polymer waste and reduce costs.The project also addresses the unpredictability of interface adhesion and surface finishing in filament-based 3D printing.

The project, which is now being carried out by the consortium, was originally developed in 2014 during a specialist conference at the University of Exeter. There Victrex presented early results of a new polymer with considerable potential for additive manufacturing. The University of Exeter helped build the consortium based on their experience and contacts in the field of additive manufacturing with PEEK polymers. By 2018, the plan is for technology demonstration systems to be available that use key test points to show how all advantages of additive manufacturing can be realized - even for products with complex components that cannot be reduced in cost using conventional methods and can be manufactured in a short time to market. (qui)

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