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Configure High-speed Drives On The Sofa

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Configure High-speed Drives On The Sofa
Configure High-speed Drives On The Sofa

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Sometimes it has to be quick when choosing the right DC motor: for example when building prototypes or when a product needs to be brought to market quickly. In such cases, engineers use Maxon Motor's online configurator. On this platform tens of thousands of drive options are available quickly and easily. The basis is formed by brushed and brushless DC motors with diameters from 8 to 35 mm. With the latter, the ECX drives, Maxon has just greatly expanded its range.

ECX Speed ​​drives are now available in various sizes as high-power or sterilizable versions; optionally also with ceramic bearing. In addition, there are suitable planetary gears (GPX Speed), which can withstand 2000 cycles in the autoclave as a sealed version. The entire range of the configurator can be found on shop.maxonmotor.de

Available in just 11 days

In the online configurator, all interfaces of the drive can be adapted as desired: shafts, flanges, electrical connections, etc. This gives users completely new possibilities. In just a few minutes you have configured and ordered the drive you want, including the gearbox and encoder. The electronic data go directly to the Maxon Motor production, where the drives are assembled in automated processes. The order leaves production at the latest after eleven working days. (ud)

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