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Applications Expanded, Energy Efficiency Increased

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Applications Expanded, Energy Efficiency Increased
Applications Expanded, Energy Efficiency Increased

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Video: Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Energy Efficiency 2023, January

Drive technology is often required in environments where the conditions for sensitive electronics are anything but simple. At booth 1-551, Kostal therefore dedicated a separate area of ​​the booth to the new application of Inveor drive controllers in the heavy-duty field. Depending on the application, completely different, but technically demanding performance parameters of drive technology come into focus and will be discussed at the Kostal exhibition stand. For example, the function in this area of ​​application must be ensured under very high or very low temperatures, as well as under very strong vibration. Likewise, many applications require complete dust tightness and protection from moisture.At the same time, a high level of flexibility in the use of different supply networks on both the AC and DC sides, such as in hybrid systems, is increasingly required. Thanks to its special properties, the Inveor is particularly suitable for use in these harsh operating conditions and can be ideally integrated in heavy-duty applications.

The concept of the intelligent connection of the Inveor drive controller with its application environment is taken up and expanded throughout the Kostal exhibition stand. The various interfaces are discussed, to which the investor ideally has to adapt in application according to the respective situational requirements. These are the communication environment, operator control and monitoring, motor adaptation and the control procedures. However, the drive controller itself is at the center of every application. The other important innovations relate to this.

The completed product family of the cold plate variant Inveor P fulfills the customer request for an "invisible" integration of the drive controller into the drive train. This housing-free inverter is now available across the entire range of performance classes from 0.25-22 kW motor power. The standardized cold plate enables simple adaptation to existing cooling devices of the customer application and thus integration into the customer system.

In addition to the intelligent technology and the pronounced flexibility that characterizes the Inveor drive controller, it is also extremely energy-efficient. According to the Ecodesign standard EN 50598, all 3-phase devices in the Inveor family achieve the highest energy efficiency class IE2.

The other interfaces of the application environment are also discussed in Nuremberg. For example, the communication interface with the various control environments available on the market and the corresponding field buses used bridge the devices to Industry 4.0. Here the Inveor offers compatibility with almost all common control environments. Depending on the requirements, the relevant bus system can be selected, with the Inveor Canopen, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, Ethercat, SAS and, as one of the very few drive controllers, also supporting the Sercos environment. The areas "Operator control and monitoring", motor adaptation and the motor control procedures are also shown.

In addition to the efficient product solutions from Kostal Industrie Elektrik, the focus of the SPS IPC Drives 2016 is in the spirit of the philosophy "Connect intelligently." The personal contact and direct exchange with the trade fair visitors is an opportunity to create an intelligent connection in a relaxed atmosphere socialize and learn more about Kostal and the product range is the traditional “Intelligent Connect.” evening on November 23, 2016 from 4 p.m. on the Kostal stand.

SPS IPC Drives 2016:

Hall 1, stand 551

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