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High-end Laser Marking For Economical In-house Development

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High-end Laser Marking For Economical In-house Development
High-end Laser Marking For Economical In-house Development

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Laser-labeled identification plates made of metal or plastic are widely used in industry. For example, for labeling wires, lines, terminals, operating and signaling devices or for switching and media devices. Up to now, medium-sized companies have shunned in-house production with a premium laser system, since the purchase and operation were significantly more expensive than outsourcing. With the MP-LM1, Murrplastik is now presenting a premium laser marking system that not only scores with its low purchase price; The low operating and maintenance costs make automated laser marking affordable for companies without a large marking volume.

High labeling quality through "carbonization"

With the LM1, Murrplastik is introducing a laser system that can be used to create abrasion-resistant quality labels on a large number of basic materials. The high quality of laser marking of plastic results from a chemical reaction in the marking material itself, a so-called "carbonization". It is a color change that is generated only by the laser beam moving over the mirror, so the laser marking is carried out without contact.

As a result, the lettering is razor-sharp even with the smallest fonts and graphics. Thanks to the “carbonization”, the lettering is resistant to UV light, acid, oil, mechanical loads and other environmental influences. Signs made of polycarbonate and polypropylene (PC / PP), made of anodized aluminum, stainless steel or laser foils with a maximum area of ​​120 x 120 mm 2 can be labeled.

Compact and quiet

The LM1 laser system can optionally include other accessories such as. B. a suction and filter unit can be expanded. The air-cooled laser marker LM1 with its dimensions of 475 x 795 x 300 mm is quite compact for its performance class. Also due to the operating volume of the device of max. 60 db (A) the boundary between office and production is further loosened.

Labeling plates can be automatically labeled with the LM1 laser system. For this purpose, signs made of PC or PP are stacked directly in the insertion slot. If different print materials are contained in a print job, the respective number is ensured by separating mats when changing the type.

Interchangeable collection container

The changeover from one print job to another takes only a few simple steps. The fully labeled labeling plates are loosely stacked in a removable container. This collection container can be replaced by company-specific storage system boxes on request

The handling of the LM1 laser station is very easy. The LM1 can be operated via USB port or Ethernet via a PC and the ACS labeling software, which has been tried and tested for many years. The user uses the ACS software to determine the degree of blackening of the lettering and has all numbers, symbols, logos and fonts under control. The intuitive ACS software makes switching from a printer system to the LM1 laser marker a breeze. Existing projects can be iMPorted in a short time.

Minimal acquisition and operating costs

When using a laser printer, the hidden costs only become apparent in practice. Because in addition to the purchase price, the running costs must be taken into account. The new LM1 laser marking system with its minimal operating costs is convincing across the board. On the one hand, the LM1 laser marker does not require any consumables - on the other hand, the system works almost service-free, so the maintenance effort is minimal. The energy consumption is also exemplary. The power consumption of the LM1 laser marking system is just 0.2 kW. (jv)

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