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Pipe Forming System Creates Secure Connections

Pipe Forming System Creates Secure Connections
Pipe Forming System Creates Secure Connections

Video: Pipe Forming System Creates Secure Connections

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Video: STAUFF Form Tube End-Forming Machine 2023, January

The new forming system is characterized by exceptionally simple assembly and a particularly high level of security. The Stauff form ring with a firmly connected and therefore captive elastomer seal is pushed onto the formed pipe end. In combination with a conventional screw body with a 24 ° inner cone and a union nut according to ISO 8434-1, a positive connection is created, which seals the only possible leakage path securely, permanently and maintenance-free. The sealing effect is supported by the system pressure of the hydraulic system, making the new forming system ideal for high pressure applications. The Stauff developers paid particular attention to the last, manual assembly steps of the forming system in the screw body.The fitter pulls the union nut up to the point of clearly noticeable increase in force and completes the assembly with a further rotation of 15 ° to 20 ° beyond this point. A clearly noticeable increase in torque signals the end of assembly. That means: over or under assembly is practically impossible.

The forming process is also extremely user-friendly with a compact, low-noise forming machine that is very easy to operate using a touchpad with plain text display. For example, molded connectors can easily be changed using a bayonet catch. Stauff Form is available for steel and stainless steel pipes with dimensions from 6 x 1.5 mm to 42 x 4 mm (light series) and 6 x 1.5 mm to 38 x 6 mm (heavy series). (qui)

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