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Portfolios Expanded To The Top

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Portfolios Expanded To The Top
Portfolios Expanded To The Top

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By increasing the performance of the existing gear units and developing a new V-Drive Basic product, Wittenstein alpha is realizing a coherent and consistent worm gear portfolio that meets the current and future market requirements in a technically and economically efficient manner.

With the V-Drive Basic, Wittenstein opens up the market for price-sensitive applications for servo worm gears in which there are no high-end requirements for backlash. Initially, sizes 50 and 63 are offered with the basic output types hollow shaft and solid shaft as well as a total of five ratios. At only 7.4 kg or 12 kg, the V-Drive is one of the lightweights - the saved mass helps to save energy when using the gear unit in moving machine axes. The backlash from 10 arcmin to greater than 15 arcmin is specified for all versions.

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The special geometry and design of the toothing in the V-Drive Basic not only ensures a high speed reserve and high efficiency - it also makes the servo worm gears very smooth and quiet: a maximum of 65 dbA at full load and only "whispering" 50 dbA at medium speeds. Designed for ambient temperatures between -15 ° C and +40 ° C and with protection class IP64, the V-Drive Basic offers excellent robustness for this market segment.

For particularly harsh operating conditions, the new servo worm gear is also available in a corrosion-resistant version with a nickel-plated cast aluminum housing and stainless steel motor mounting components. If higher axial forces are to be expected in the application, a reinforced bearing is optionally available for the V-Drive Basic. The expected delivery time is also “strong”: a V-Drive Basic will be available within a few working days when it is launched on the market.

V-Drive Value and V-Drive Advanced offer added performance

Fully compatible with the tried-and-tested V-Drive Eco and V-Drive +, but the upgrade versions V-Drive Value and V-Drive Advanced offer improved performance parameters. In addition to the additional torque increase of approx. 20%, they convince above all by a further reduced backlash: only 6 arcmin with the V-Drive Value (V-Drive eco: 8 arcmin) and only 2 arcmin with the V-Drive Advanced (V -Drive +: 3 arcmin). Another improvement concerns the design of the drive seal, through which both V-Drive versions reliably achieve a lifespan of over 15,000 operating hours - a value that is 25 to 50% above the current market standard.

V-Drive: the portfolio for every performance

Typical fields of application for servo worm gears are automated linear modules, feed axes and assembly cells, handling axes and belt drives in the food and packaging industry, tool changers and rotary tables for machine tools or cutting systems in the textile industry. With the Basic, Value and Advanced variants, the V-Drive portfolio from Wittenstein alpha offers the right performance for every axis. (ud)

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