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Guide Systems For A Wide Variety Of Requirements

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Guide Systems For A Wide Variety Of Requirements
Guide Systems For A Wide Variety Of Requirements

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Video: SKF Precision rail guides 2023, January

The guidance system for the Beckhoff XTS (eXtended Transport System) is among the core products exhibited at the Hepco Motion stand. This solution uses Hepco Motions PRT2 and 1-Trak guidance systems with Beckhoff's linear XTS transport system and is particularly suitable for more demanding XTS applications with complex motion profiles and high durability requirements.

The combination of the two technologies is intended to offer users a robust, highly productive and flexible solution that can jeopardize traditional manufacturing processes in many manufacturing plants. The system is suitable for various applications, for example a line distributor with variable speed, which removes arbitrarily positioned products on different tracks, or a bilateral system for a compact application with multiple movement profiles.

For high positioning accuracy

Hepco Motions driven oval system DTS2 for applications in the food or packaging sector with high positioning accuracy and demanding work cycle can also be seen in Bad Salzuflen. The DTS2 system is widely used in high-speed automation of assembly operations and is valued by numerous industries, including the packaging, automotive, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Speeds of up to 8 m / sec

Hepco Motion is also showing its core product GV3. The GV3 linear system was developed for a wide range of automation and linear applications and is suitable for use in different conditions - from clean rooms to harsh environments. According to the manufacturer, GV3 is particularly suitable for high-precision applications in medicine and science as well as for all applications with high demands on accuracy. As one of the quietest linear systems on the market, GV3 enables speeds of up to eight meters per second.

For the development of 2D rail systems

Visitors can also examine the 1-Trak system, which gives designers a great deal of freedom when developing two-dimensional rail systems. It is perfect for limited space, as space-saving curves with a small radius are possible and the system can be made to measure to match existing machines. With 1-Trak, constructions are possible that were previously not considered feasible or too expensive. (mz)

FMB 2016: Hall 20, Stand B4

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