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Zanzinger Is The New Managing Director Of Ansys Germany

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Zanzinger Is The New Managing Director Of Ansys Germany
Zanzinger Is The New Managing Director Of Ansys Germany

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Ansys, provider of CAE and multi-physics software, has appointed Thomas Zanzinger as the new managing director of Ansys Germany. Zanzinger succeeds Dr.-Ing. Georg Scheuerer.

Zanzinger has been active in the IT industry at home and abroad for more than 25 years. After joining Dell, the business graduate held management positions at Novell, Mitsubishi Electric, Software AG, Datango, Attensity and CDC Software. Since 2015, Thomas Zanzinger has been responsible for Ansys Germany as sales manager for the regions of Germany, Austria and Nordic.

The focus is on multi-physics and simulation of the future

Zanzinger focuses on the topics of multi-physics and future simulation. After all, technical simulations play a role in the design of buildings, cars and smartphones, medical technology and many other things today. Since Ansys introduced simulation software over four decades ago, it has been used by more and more development teams around the world in various industries and disciplines. Most development teams now use simulation tools and methods in the design phases of product development, replacing the construction and testing of prototypes with numerical analysis.

Master the growing complexity of product designs

In order to understand all acting forces and to predict whether the product will meet expectations, all relevant physical quantities must be taken into account. Through the simultaneous simulation of all physical properties and the implementation of parametric optimization using the multi-physics results, engineers can quickly gain important insights into product performance, implement optimal designs and bring products to market earlier. In many industries, multi-physics studies enable developers to master the growing complexity of their product designs.

In the meantime, multi-physics simulation, which was once regarded as an advanced development strategy used by experts, is increasingly becoming a standard component of the instruments used in product development today. “To support customers, Ansys offers leading technologies in every single physics area: Fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, thermodynamics and electronics. Our technological leadership position plays an important role,”explains Zanzinger. "We consider multi-physics simulation to be the future of product development, since the development teams are looking for ways to master complexity, improve reliability and reduce the time and costs involved in the development cycle as well as in the production processes." (Kj)

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