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Vision Reflects Growth In Machine Vision

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Vision Reflects Growth In Machine Vision
Vision Reflects Growth In Machine Vision

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“The image processing industry in Germany and Europe has been reporting growth for years. In Germany alone, sales have doubled within ten years, and there is no end in sight to the boom. In this country, the industry will achieve new record sales of at least EUR 2.2 billion this year. The machine vision industry in Europe will achieve an 8 percent increase in sales in 2016,”said Dr. Olaf Munkelt, Chairman of the Board of Management VDMA Machine Vision on the occasion of the opening of the Vision, leading trade fair for machine vision. According to current surveys, the VDMA also expects the sector to continue to develop dynamically in 2017: "Image processing will continue to grow," said Munkelt.

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Non-industrial sectors bring growth

Image processing is constantly conquering new sales industries and fields of application. "There are creative uses every year anew: food recognition without a barcode in the supermarket, rail monitoring in the London Underground, shrimp sorting on a fishing trawler - image processing has proven to be a real all-rounder and has long since conquered our everyday life!" Says Olaf Munkelt. In 2015, the share of sales in the European image processing industry in non-industrial sectors was already 24 percent; sales grew at an above-average rate of 14 percent. The main growth drivers were the areas of intelligent traffic systems, medical diagnostic equipment and surgical technology as well as security and surveillance.

Broken down by industry, the automotive industry remains the world's largest customer for the European image processing industry with 20 percent of total sales. The turnover of industrial image processing rose here by 9 percent in 2015. Turnover in the manufacturing industry excluding the automobile grew by 8 percent compared to the previous year. The electrical electronics industry - including semiconductors - was the second largest customer with a share of almost 12 percent, followed by the metal and food and beverage industries with a share of 7 percent each.

Germany remains the most important sales market

Germany was the most important sales market for the European image processing industry: 33 percent of sales were generated in Germany, 12 percent more than in the previous year. North America was the second most important export market with 14 percent (+11%), where the "willingness to invest is at a high level", says Munkelt. The growth driver is Asia as a whole with an increase of 15 percent, said Munkelt. China alone accounts for 8 percent of sales (+ 16% compared to 2014). South Korea should not be underestimated due to large investments in production technology.

The most important component with a 30 percent share of the total turnover of the European image processing industry are the cameras. Sales grew by a whopping 9 percent in 2015. With a growth of 6.5 percent, sales of machine vision systems developed somewhat less dynamically.

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