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Leoni Shows Hygienic System Solutions For Endoscopy

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Leoni Shows Hygienic System Solutions For Endoscopy
Leoni Shows Hygienic System Solutions For Endoscopy

Video: Leoni Shows Hygienic System Solutions For Endoscopy

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Video: Endoscopy Reprocessing Tutorial: STEP 3 - High-Level Disinfection & Storage 2023, January

By extrusion coating with LSR, i.e. liquid silicone, Leoni prevents gaps and notches at the connection points of cable systems for endoscopy, in which breeding grounds for dangerous biofilms can form. The system supplier and cable specialist relies on a specially developed material based on liquid silicone for the encapsulation of plugs, ferrules and branches of its endoscopy systems: Leoni Si-Tec.

Seal the treacherous area

The encapsulation with this jacket material ensures that imperfect spots are sealed off completely. Grooves and niches are eliminated. In addition, built-in connectors are poured out with coordinated materials such as epoxy resin, glue or silicone and the penetration of liquid at these points is prevented. Endoscopic cable systems from Leoni are gas-tight, heat-resistant up to 143 ° C and therefore perfectly suitable for permanent chemical or autoclave sterilization, it is said.

The simultaneous use of Leoni-Si-Tec as a cable sheath improves the sliding properties of the cable and ensures good handling without additional talc. At Compamed, cable system samples demonstrate the advantages of the Leoni process for LSR encapsulation of components in endoscopic connections and the simultaneous use of Leoni-Si-Tec as a cable sheath.

Additional information on the topic of the lecture: hygienic to antimicrobial

The Leoni Business Unit Healthcare offers a wide range of antimicrobial cables and systems to avoid biofilms and to reduce the bacterial load in hospitals. Technology owner and exclusive partner of Leoni in the production of these products is Amistec from the Austrian Kössen. The managing director, Prof. Dr. J. Peter Guggenbichler will present the technology for the production of antimicrobial surfaces as part of the Medica Education Conference on November 17, 2016 at 2:10 p.m. in room 16 in a 15-minute lecture in English.

Successful first certification according to DIN ISO 13485

The Leoni location in Georgensgmünd was successfully certified by DQS in accordance with DIN ISO 13485 in April 2016. The Healthcare business unit primarily manufactures the connections for endoscopes, catheters and ultrasound devices in the clean room. The passed audit confirmed Leoni to comply with the obligation regarding product risks and their handling. The processes for quality assurance of Leoni cables and cable systems with traceable documentation and risk management are effective in the long term. (mz)

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