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Electricity Has To Flow - Everywhere And At All Times

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Electricity Has To Flow - Everywhere And At All Times
Electricity Has To Flow - Everywhere And At All Times

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The methods for performing medical tests and sample analysis have evolved. Great progress has also been made in the field of medical diagnostics. This is how rechargeable lithium-ion batteries make it possible to develop portable medical devices.

The increased use of smartphones has also led to the introduction of numerous portable medical devices that can establish a direct connection to the smartphone. An app can then be used to make diagnoses immediately. Heart rate and blood pressure monitors are often used in conjunction with smartphones and tablets. More complex devices for patients with chronic diseases, such as blood glucose meters for diabetics, pulse oximetry and kidney infection devices as well as ultrasound probes and intelligent fitness control devices are flooding the market.

At first glance, this appears to be a positive development. On closer examination, however, various difficulties emerge in practice. One of the core problems is the reliable power supply. For example, paramedics working in emergency services usually check before the start of a 24-hour shift whether the devices are charged and ready for use. In the course of the day, the devices are switched on and off several times and have to withstand the bumps and shocks in practical use in our cities.

Additional information on the subject of Accutronics secures the power supply

The UK-based company focuses on providing the latest battery technologies to OEMs worldwide from a variety of commercial markets. The batteries withstand the loads during transport and storage and ensure safety when charging, discharging and even improper handling of the electrical or mechanical components. This means that they can also be used with a clear conscience in the fields of medicine and health.

Smart batteries withstand strong impacts and other loads

This effect is increasing for medical personnel in emerging and developing countries such as rural Malawi and Sudan. Mobile doctors use the E-Ranger, a portable trike, to drive from one village to another in large areas. The power supply is unreliable here, the roads are in poor condition and the temperatures fluctuate strongly. All this limits the ability of the batteries used to supply the required devices with electricity.

Accutronics has proactively sought a solution and introduced Entellion, a range of thoroughly tested, portable smart batteries available from stock. Due to their higher gravimetric and volumetric energy density, these flat, credit card-sized lithium-ion batteries offer longer terms combined with intelligent monitoring.

In contrast to the short product life cycles of smartphones, medical devices are often used for almost a decade without being developed further. In fact, the battery technology used in such devices is out of date long before the product is taken out of service. If the medical risk is to be eliminated, it is important that batteries are already integrated in the product concept.

The increasing use of portable medical devices is also causing concern in the regulatory environment. Strict tests are prescribed for lithium-ion batteries, which are intended to ensure that they remain safe during transport, storage, charging, discharging and even when improperly handled with the electrical or mechanical components. All Accutronics lithium-ion batteries meet or exceed the required IEC and UN standards.

An effective solution that enables the coexistence of both products is to use the smartphone to complement medical technology, e.g. B. by collecting and transmitting data via the ever better mobile phone networks. They can also be used as a secondary monitoring method to obtain additional information. Its increasingly powerful processors support medical personnel in diagnostics in non-life-threatening areas.

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