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Stöber Brings Compact Controllers In Baying Technology

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Stöber Brings Compact Controllers In Baying Technology
Stöber Brings Compact Controllers In Baying Technology

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With a width of only 45 mm, the new SI6 drive controller from Stöber requires extremely little space in the control cabinet. But Matthias Meyering, Head of Product Management Electronics at Stöber, points out another important feature: "Even more crucial than the sheer compactness of the SI6 is the saving of redundant supply units". The complete range of drive controllers is connected to a central supply module. This eliminates the need for fuses and cabling for each individual axis. The controllers are connected to each other via Quick-DC-Link modules. The advantage, says Meyering: " By using double-axis modules, unused power reserves of one axis can be used for other axes."

18 cm are enough for the controller for 6 axes

In this way, Stöber enables a considerable reduction in space requirements and costs. A realistic example: In a system with six axes, a width of 18 cm is sufficient for the drive controller and supply module. The double-axis modules can also be combined with stand-alone units from the Stöber series SD6. Regardless of whether it concerns 4, 16 or 97 axes: The capacities are dimensioned precisely.

When it comes to acceleration, the Stöber SI6 drive controller has a lot to offer: in combination with the Stöber EZ401 synchronous servo motor, it can go from 0 to 3000 min-1 in 10 ms. Changes in speed can also be precisely metered. Crucial for this: The interaction of drive controller, servo motor and encoder. The SI6 processes encoder information up to 64 bits and calculates them without rounding errors (floating point arithmetic). This means maximum positioning accuracy with more than 33 million positions encoder resolution per revolution. Incidentally, current encoder systems only deliver 37 bits. The SI6 is therefore prepared for future developments.

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