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ABB And KIT Expand Cooperation

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ABB And KIT Expand Cooperation
ABB And KIT Expand Cooperation

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ABB and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have been working together in research for many years. Now the partners want to intensify and expand this cooperation. To this end, both signed the extension of the existing research framework agreement on October 24, 2016. In addition, the partners are expanding cooperation in the field of youth development.

Cooperation in research and youth development

The agreement sets the framework for further initiation and implementation of joint research and development activities. Publicly funded projects between the research and development units of the partners and specific research orders from ABB to KIT are also part of the agreement. The topics that ABB and KIT want to tackle together include building automation, the Internet of Things, and research into the energy networks of the future in the context of the energy transition in Germany.

"We are pleased that we can now expand the successful collaboration with KIT in research to include measures in the field of promoting young talent," says Hans-Georg Krabbe, CEO of ABB AG. "For the development, the research expertise of one of the leading technical universities is just as important as the early collaboration with future young scientists and graduates."

Business and science work hand in hand

"Innovations only emerge when science and business work hand in hand and provide impulses for one another," says Prof. Thomas Hirth, Vice President of KIT for Innovation and International Affairs. "This close exchange is very important at KIT, not only in research and development, but also in the training of our students."

The joint activities include ABB's offers to students, such as internships, theses or student jobs. With the new framework, further measures should now be implemented faster and easier. For example, three KIT students benefit from a Germany scholarship that they receive through ABB. The youngsters also get to know the company through contacts with the professors or the provision of products from the ABB portfolio.

ABB invested over $ 1.5 billion in research and development worldwide in 2015. The company employs over 8,500 people in this area, 700 of them in corporate research. (kj)

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