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Compact Small Unit For Machine Tools

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Compact Small Unit For Machine Tools
Compact Small Unit For Machine Tools

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The hydraulic unit Cytro Pac newly developed by Rexroth integrates all hydraulic and electrical components in a very small space. The reduced tank with an oil volume reduced to 20 liters makes a significant contribution to the small dimensions. It ensures the correct degassing of the oil and contributes to a longer service life of the fluid.

Up to 80 percent less energy consumption

Cytro Pac is based on Sytronix drives from Rexroth. The integrated frequency converter regulates the speed of the motor independently and as required. As a result, the energy requirement for the same output drops between 30 and 80 percent compared to constant units, depending on the cycle characteristics. In doing so, they support machine manufacturers in fulfilling the European Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 / EC for energy consumption and CO 2 emissions as well as the sometimes stricter requirements of the automotive industry. At the same time, the demand-based speed control reduces the heat input into the oil and reduces the cooling requirement. In addition, Rexroth has integrated an innovative, space-saving solution for cooling using water with the heat pipe technology.

As a decentrally intelligent module, the frequency converter integrated in the housing communicates with the machine control via the common real-time Ethernet interfaces Sercos, Profinet, Ether-CAT, Ether-Net / IP and Modbus / TCP as well as Profibus. For commissioning, the connection to the power supply and communication with the control system, as well as the connection to the hydraulic circuit and the cooling water circuit are sufficient.

Networked via open interfaces

Cytro Pac is already designed to meet the increased information requirements of Industry 4.0. The control center is the integrated frequency converter: wired ready for use with the sensors for pressure, temperature, level, contamination and volume flow, it delivers all data to the machine control system via a multi-Ethernet interface. Due to the continuously recorded operating states, they recognize wear and errors at an early stage and can quickly remedy them. In addition, operators can change the pressure and volume flow in real time regardless of their location via the Ethernet connection to the controller.

The housing encapsulates all sources of noise from the outside. Machine manufacturers do not need any additional, space and cost-intensive housings in order to meet international and automotive-typical requirements for the permissible noise emissions. The small unit meets protection class IP 54. (qui)

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