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The Smallest Safety Light Barrier In The World With Integrated Evaluation

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The Smallest Safety Light Barrier In The World With Integrated Evaluation
The Smallest Safety Light Barrier In The World With Integrated Evaluation

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The SLB 240/440 with a cable connection with the dimensions 28 mm x 32 mm x 72 mm or with a plug connection (28 mm x 32mm x 91 mm) can be easily integrated into very cramped installation spaces and can be easily and quickly installed even when space is limited. Both models have a range of 15 m, while the SLB 450 (dimensions DL 49x126 mm) has a range of up to 75 m.

Protection of smaller danger spots

The single-beam safety light barriers are particularly suitable for protecting smaller danger spots - such as machines with small openings or slots, for example in paper printing machines: Here, the operating personnel are reliably protected by every interruption of the light beam triggering a signal to safely switch off the dangerous movement of the machine.

A major advantage of the SLB 240/440/450 series: It can be used for a wide variety of applications in the machining center for assembly / handling as well as in the wood, paper and printing industry, high-bay warehouse or packaging machines.

Can be integrated directly into the safety circuit

All SLB light barriers have safe semiconductor outputs (2 x PNP) and can be included directly in the safety circuit without an external safety evaluation. The new product family fulfills the requirements for all Type 2 or Type 4 applications in accordance with IEC 61496. They also serve for process protection, for example in high-bay warehouses, where, during the autonomous transport of packaged products, object detection and height detection detect deviations from predefined positions and thus collisions and Damage can be prevented.

The SLB 450 version, which monitors access areas of up to 75 m, is optionally equipped with an integrated heater and is suitable for use in high freezing temperatures (down to –30 ° Celsius). It can therefore be used outdoors, for example in the wood or cement industry, in gravel pits or in the port area.

Visual setup aid

All versions have a visual set-up aid, which considerably simplifies commissioning. In addition, they are equipped with a 4-fold coding level, so that when using multiple light barriers in one application, up to four sensor pairs can be operated in one direction without mutual interference. The parameters are set without tools such as a PC or commissioning systems, simply with a command device such as a button. The operating modes setup, automatic or restart as well as a diagnostic mode are available for operation.

“With the development of the new SLB series, we are completing our product range of optoelectronic protective devices. Depending on the size and complexity of the danger zone, the customer can choose between light barriers from the SLB series, multi-beam SLG light barriers or light curtains from the SLC product family,”explains Klaus Schuster, product manager for safe optoelectronics at Schmersal. "Depending on the application, these optoelectronic series can then be combined with safety relay modules, safety controls or AS-i system components." (Jv)

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