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Future Study As A Digitization Guide For SMEs

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Future Study As A Digitization Guide For SMEs
Future Study As A Digitization Guide For SMEs

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With the digitalization of all areas of life and work, tools and methods are also increasingly shifting into the digital world in engineering. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, or SMEs for short, are faced with the task of adapting to the requirements of this so-called "digital engineering". The Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) has published the future study "Digital Engineering 2025", which shows how the field can develop by 2025 and how companies can adapt to it.

The increasing complexity of products creates the need for 3D technologies

The study aims to show small and medium-sized companies in particular visions and scenarios for the use of 3D technologies in industry in 2025. Technologies and methods of 3D product development and digital engineering are already highly relevant today. According to the study, they should play an essential role in the development of products, solutions, processes and projects in the industrial sector due to the increasing complexity of products and development processes. The VDC therefore recommends setting the course for future success as early as possible. However, there are currently no concrete indications of where the journey will go.

For the study, various sources of secondary literature were first examined in order to use this as a basis for making theories about the future of engineering. The VDC then conducted an expert survey asking people from the management of SMEs and large companies for their assessments. The study is intended to serve as a roadmap for key players such as technology users and providers and to show future research strategies and market and technology trends for mechanical and plant engineering, one of the key sectors of the Stuttgart region.

The study focused on the following questions:

  • Where and how will digital engineering methods be used in the key industries in the Stuttgart region in 2025?
  • How will these methods and technologies develop by 2025?
  • Where should the current and future R&D focus in the technology area be?
  • Where are there deficits, where are starting points for the action activities of the stakeholders?

By answering these key questions, the conditions for optimal market opportunities for 3D technology providers are to be created. At the same time, existing user industries and the Stuttgart region as an international region in the field of digital engineering are to be strengthened. The study was developed in cooperation with Festo AG & Co. KG and with the support of the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Agency. (kj)

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