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Intelligent Rollator And Self-sufficient Energy Supply Convince Jury

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Intelligent Rollator And Self-sufficient Energy Supply Convince Jury
Intelligent Rollator And Self-sufficient Energy Supply Convince Jury

Video: Intelligent Rollator And Self-sufficient Energy Supply Convince Jury

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Video: The World's First Energy Island 2023, February

An intelligent rollator avoids falls and bypasses obstacles, the sun provides a house with self-sufficient energy, the front door key sounds the alarm if it is forgotten, and the intrusion alarm chip ensures more security. These are all innovative ideas for new microchips from young people that inspire experts. For the 15th time, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the technology association VDE organized the student competition "Invent a Chip".

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A total of 25,000 boys and girls have participated in the “Invent a Chip” student competition with 6500 chip ideas in the past 15 years. Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, Federal Minister of Education and Research, sees great potential among the young people: “In the competition, pupils not only develop circuits, but also build a complete application. Young people implement their good ideas step by step, learn a new way of programming, work in teams and are not afraid of new technologies. This shows that Germany's students have what it takes to make digital inventions. Our country is dependent on these researchers and specialists in the digital age. " Invent a Chip "has inspired many students in its 15 years for technical apprenticeships or STEM courses.

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Never forget the front door key

The jury awarded the first place, endowed with 3000 euros, twice this year. "This is a novelty that shows how strong the field of participants is," says Ansgar Hinz, VDE CEO. The winners presented their microchips to the public at the VDE Congress in Mannheim. Luca Elbracht (17) and David Alexander Volmer (16) from the Albertus Magnus High School in Beckum brought a model house with them. A microchip controls the generation, storage and consumption of energy with the aim of supplying a house with electricity independently of the public grid. This convinced the jury as well as the Keysafe, a microchip that is supposed to prevent people from locking themselves out of their apartment.The system by Tobias Höpp (15) and Johannes Kreutz (17) from the Philippinum grammar school in Marburg warns its owner when he leaves his own four walls if he forgot to take the front door key with him. As here, everyday situations are often the starting point for an invention.

Rollator with emergency function

The special prize of the Federal Ministry of Research endowed with 2000 euros goes to Robin Breitfelder (15), Tim Jungnitz (16), Maximilian Krebs (16) and Jamal Lkhaouni (15) from the Lindlar Gymnasium. They developed an intelligent rollator. It can recognize obstacles, detect the position and has an emergency function. “If the rollator tips over and its user falls, a fall alarm is triggered,” is how the jury describes the concept of the award-winning microchip.

Sensor system

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