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Further Developed Connector Portfolio Presented

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Further Developed Connector Portfolio Presented
Further Developed Connector Portfolio Presented

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With its modular connector series Odu-Mac, Odu promises an almost unlimited variety of configurable solutions with different metal and plastic housings. According to the manufacturer, Odu-Mac offers one of the most modern modular interfaces on the market, variable, reliable, durable and compact - for manual insertion or automatic docking. To make it easy for customers to find their way around the modular system, Odu has restructured the connector series into the three lines Blue-Line, White-Line and Silver-Line.

  • The Odu-Mac Blue-Line:The Odu-Mac Blue-Line hybrid hand-held plug solution is new in the Odu-Mac portfolio. The new product should be able to be configured quickly and effectively even in the smallest of spaces and should convince with its user-friendly handling. Because the assembly and disassembly of the modules can be done without tools and without special knowledge. The crimp-clip contacts should be easy to disassemble even when assembled. In addition, Odu claims to be the first manufacturer to offer the standard plastic housing with the Odu spindle lock. Many housing variants made of metal and plastic should ensure maximum flexibility on the user side. The Odu-Mac Blue-Line is defined by the simple assembly, the high packing density with 2.4 mm /unit and the high modularity with at least 10.000 mating cycles for many transmission options - signals, power, high current, coax, compressed air, data and light waves. In the new performance class, Odu also offers the option of contacting via circuit board connection modules for simple transmission of signals without the need for cabling.
  • The Odu-Mac Silver-Line: The Odu-Mac Silver-Line for automatic docking should be characterized by its particularly high number of mating cycles, which is over 100,000. It is a robust and vibration-resistant hybrid interface, mainly for industrial use: with 30 high-speed modules as well as coaxial and optical transmission options.
  • The Odu-Mac White-Line: The Odu-Mac White-Line for manual insertion is available with three locking options. It should convince with its robust construction, its pronounced contact security and the high packing density. Their areas of application range from magnetic resonance imaging to test equipment to interface cables for railway technology.

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Increase in circular connectors

With its round connector portfolio, Odu also wants to offer reliable, resilient and easy-to-use solutions - whether metal or plastic, whether high-quality plug connections from the standard portfolio or customized special solutions. There are also the product lines Odu Mini-Snap, Odu Medi-Snap, Odu Mini-Med and Odu AMC as well as their miniature series Odu AMC High-Density. A novelty is the Odu AMC high density 90 ° angled connector. This version is designed to be extremely short, while at the same time ensuring that the cable can be processed reliably.


New Odu-Mac modules for the transfer of USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.0


More space for high-density connectors

Odu, the system supplier

Odu also supplies complete system solutions from a single source - from the connector to the cable including overmolding. In addition, the company accompanies and advises its customers throughout the entire process, from requirements analysis, development, simulation and data testing in its own test laboratory, to prototype construction and assembly, right through to technical documentation. Odu is currently expanding its range of cable assemblies with the process of silicone encapsulation. Due to the special design options and aesthetics as well as their special electrical and thermal properties, this should appeal to new target groups and markets.

Electromobility growth market

The topic of electromobility is becoming increasingly important and interesting not only in the automotive sector and private transport, but also for municipal and commercial vehicles, shipping and aviation. Whether plug connections installed in vehicles or special contacts for use in charging plugs, whether high drive power or ultra-fast charging: According to its own information, Odu has the implementation expertise and manufacturing options for the current and future requirements of electromobility. Well-known customers from the automotive industry have been using Odu technology for a long time. The company not only relies on application-specific and tailor-made developments in all of its areas - for perfect connections worldwide. (sh)

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